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    Our Philosophy

    In order to feel comfortable with a matter as sensitive as mental health treatment, it’s important to understand the philosophy of any provider you might be working with. We’d like to share a few tenets of our philosophy; hopefully some will resonate with you.

    We provide treatment that is:

    Strengths-based: Every individual, and each family has strengths and talents that they bring to treatment. We will work with yours strengths, focus on what (s)he does well, and in so doing make treatment a positive, strengths-building experience, not just something that focuses on “fixing” weaknesses and problems.

    Holistic: We consider multiple dimensions of mental health, and will work with you in a way that emphasizes all aspects of a person, rather than simply focusing on medication or one rigid psychotherapy paradigm.

    Collaborative: If your child is participating in both medication management and psychotherapy, our co-location model makes it easy for providers to communicate so that no information is lost in the shuffle, and minimal valuable session time is spent on trying to find outside information.

    Goal-oriented: Most individuals and families have specific goals that they bring into treatment, and that have driven them to seek help. We will work with you to understand what your goals are, and to the best of our abilities, we’ll help you design realistic roadmap to achieving them. We will not dictate any patient what their goals “should” be.

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